N. S. Bartholomew Consulting (NSBC) is a strategic management and communications firm that specializes in seafood sustainability. A unique consultancy, NSBC develops and implements sustainability initiatives that promote responsibility and efficiency to reduce financial, social, and environmental costs throughout the seafood supply chain.

NSBC collaborates with major corporations, trade associations, and government agencies to foster positive relationships that influence stakeholder engagement and improves public opinion about our clients and their commitment to the communities they serve.

The purpose of our work is to help the seafood industry communicate about the value of sustainable seafood and understand the communications issues related to seafood in the broader context of the protein market. There is growing recognition in the marketplace that seafood has a better health and sustainability profile compared to other animal based proteins.

The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and supporting USDA MyPlate food group targets recommend that Americans eat a variety of protein foods, including at least two servings of seafood per week, as part of a healthy eating pattern. Key benefits of seafood include:

  • Low Fat – Lean fish have significantly less fat than other protein-rich foods, and most kinds of fish and shellfish contain less than 5 percent total fat
  • Nutrition – Seafood is known for being a good natural source of vitamins and minerals
  • Omega-3s – Play many critical roles in our bodies including supporting heart health
  • Variety – There are a great variation (i.e., hundreds) of seafood species to choose from

How seafood is positioned in the broader protein market, and how the seafood industry can communicate responsibly about seafood in the broader context, will have significant implications for seafood and the sustainability of food production.

Working directly with a variety of stakeholders, NSBC is able to translate key issues to address the challenges of supporting capture fisheries and aquaculture to help the seafood industry shift toward more socially and environmentally sound practices. Ultimately, we advocate for a more sustainable seafood industry to help build brand credibility, trust, and loyalty, thereby boosting our clients’ bottom-line.